Fences and Gates

Fences and Gates

Turn your tired old fence or gate into a new and professionally built attraction!

With years of experience in the industry, our knowledge and skills can help you improve the looks and functionality of your fence and gate.

Bathroom Renovations

Tired of manually opening and closing your gates every time you leave the house?

A modern and functional electric gate is fully operational with just the push of a button!

Want to make the most of your land and put in a front fence?

This will not only improve your property visually but will create more space you never knew you had!

Whether you want standard pine paling or something a little different, or like the idea of electric gates but aren’t sure what style will suit your home best, with Marshall’s expert advise we can give you the most out of your fencing and gates.

Fence and gate styles

From sliding and swing to electric and hinged, we have the skills to create the right fence for your home.
Sliding gates
Low-maintenance sliding gates not only look great but provide added security to your home.
Single gates
Single gates are perfect for not only front entrances but side and back ones, too.
Double / driveway gates
Double gates offer great accessibility for cars moving in and out of your front yard.
Electric gates
Enjoy the convenience of automated and electric gates that boost safety and security.
Feature fences
An attraction in its own right, designer fences add texture, atmosphere, and style to a home.
Privacy screens
Especially great in backyards, screens not only enhance privacy, but security, too.

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