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Garages and carports

If you’ve got the room, a garage or carport doubles as not only a place to store your car at the end of the day, but can also provide additional storage and space for entertaining.

In a garage, your possessions are protected from elements like wind and rain damage, while a carport provides basic protection for your car.

Bathroom Renovations

Why consider a garage or carport?

  • Highly valued feature in a home that can add value
  • Adds value to your home
  • Protect your car from elements like wind and rain
  • Many different building materials and styles to choose from
  • Safer to park your car off than on the street

Whether you want to update an existing one or install a new one altogether, Marshall Developments are with you the whole way.

We’ll manage:


We’ll assess your land and determine any demolition or excavation that must take place.


Through clever design and initial concepts, you’ll catch a glimpse of what your dream garage will look like.

Local Permits

We’ll ensure local regulations are adhered to and council permits are obtained.


We construct your new building and the vision comes to life in front of your very eyes!


Final inspection plus the finishing touches are the last step in creating your garage or carport.


With a fast turn-around and custom garages built to your exact specifications, you can start enjoying your garage sooner thanks to Marshall Developments.

Single lock-up garage
When space is limited, a single garage is the perfect solution! Create additional storage and find a place for your car overnight with a quality custom build.
Attached garage
An attached garage provides convenient access directly into your home.
Detached garage
Got a little more room to move? A detached garage is a great way to add charm to your home. In fact, we can create a detached garage that matches the style of your home, making it not only practical, but so aesthetically pleasing.


When they’re not housing cars, carports double as great outdoor entertaining areas. A basic but valuable asset, a carport is a great option for a smaller budget. While it doesn’t provide complete coverage or security, a bonus is that you can increase its size over time should you wish to expand.

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